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Dr. Jon Hundt DVM

                                           Dr. Jon Hundt DVM

I graduated from Michigan State University, and I have lived and worked in Fort Atkinson since 1982. I enjoy helping people by caring for their pets. Numerous surgical and diagnostic procedures are  performed by us, including X- Rays, In House Blood Tests and Routine Dental procedures. When I am not at the clinic, I   enjoy relaxing with my family and viewing the sky with my telescope . My wife and I like to vacation on Winjammer Cuises ( A Large Sailing Ship) in the Carribean . My most enjoyable vacation was when our family went on a Cruise along the Alaskan Coast and then went on a land excursion into Denali National Park.

 Preparing For Surgery                  Examining A Cat                            Giving A Dental Procedure


Checking a Bird Over                    Rabbit Exam