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  • Grief Counseling
    Seattle Seahawks Options In trying to make sense of the Seattle Seahawks loss in the recent Super Bowl, I have come to the conclusion that it was for my benefit.  As Read more
  • Exotic Animal Health
                                       Avian and Exotic Pet Health Did you know that birds and other exotic pets Read more
  • Target Practice??
    Feral Cats Are Not For Target Practice I recently examined a cat that had been intentionally shot with a barbed arrow head. This arrow head was a hunting tip and designed Read more
  • Are Natural Diets Natural?
    The Natural Diets Are Not Natural There has been a recent increase in “all natural grain free diets”.  This has been particularly evident in the number of “Blue……… “ diets.  The Read more
  • Winter Care
    With all of the snow  and Subzero weather we have had this winter, it has hard to get outside with your pets. When you do take them out it is best to Read more