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Our clinic is a full service Veterinary Clinic. Located in Fort Atkinson, Wis., we have been in business for 11 years. Dr. Hundt graduated from Michigan State University, and has been in practice for over 25 years.

Routine health and non-emergency illness exams, are arranged by appointment. Emergency and sudden illnesses are gladly seen as soon as possible. We accept appointments 8- 6 on Monday and Friday, 8-7 on Tuesday and Thursday, 8-1 on Wednesday and Saturday.

We want your pet’s veterinary experience to be as enjoyable as is possible. To that end we offer a  House Call Service. House calls for annual exams as well as for sicknesses, can be arranged upon request.

Annual health exams consist of assessment of your pet’s eyes and ears, teeth, skin, and heart and lung function. It is recommended that all animals that are middle aged or older, have a blood sample taken to determine their liver and kidney function.

Routine dentistry is advised on all patients. This may or may not require sedation. We use a State-Of-The-Art ultrasound machine to remove excessive tartar, for those that require it. We can then polish the teeth to delay the tartar from reappearing. If your pet has an infected tooth it can removed immediately, to prevent systemic infections or potential heart problems.

We have laboratory equipment to diagnose a myriad of health problems in your pets. Heartworms and diseases carried by ticks such as Lymes Disease and Ehrlichiosis (a disease causing red blood cell destruction), can be performed with results obtained within 10 minutes. Our diabetic patients can have their blood glucose status determined with a small blood sample. Results of blood samples taken for systemic infections or to diagnose liver and kidney problems, can be obtained within 2 hours. Urine samples can help us to determine if an animals frequent need to “go outside”, is due to an infection or some other health problem. We suggest that a stool sample be examined periodically, to see if an intestinal parasite may have been acquired.

Our clinic has an X-Ray facility to help us “see”, what cannot be seen. Lameness can be evaluated to see if the cause is due to a fracture, an infection, arthritis or a tumor. We can use it to help determine if a “cough” is due to heart problems. Radiographs can help diagnose digestive problems as well as to visualize abdominal masses.

Routine surgical procedures can be performed, to prevent illness and correct problems that exist. It is recommended that all dogs and cats that are not used for breeding, be spayed or neutered. We can easily perform these surgeries, which will help to prevent life threatening infections and various forms of cancer. To lessen the risk of being anesthetized, we monitor heart rates and breathing rates, as well as the amount of anesthetic in the blood stream.

We care for dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, and avian species.

We groom all breeds and all sizes of dogs and cats.Grooming is available to dematt, deflea and desmell your pet.

Mya Sponem our grooming expert is a graduate of the Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming, and has been grooming animals for 16 years.

Haley Fischer her assistant, has had dog handling experience for several years.

Prices for grooming are dependent on breed of animal, quality of fur, and cooperativeness of the pet.

All grooming sessions are by appointment only.