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Spring Alerts


May is here and it May be spring. April was almost the coldest April ever in Madison- as it was it gave us a snowstorm on the 30th. It seems nice to have winter over!! With spring comes the bugs and their diseases. This is when we recommend testing for Heartworm disease so that we can get your dog started on preventative, if they are not already on it, because mosquitoes won’t be far behind. While testing for heartworms we can also test for Lymes disease and three Ehrlichia diseases which are carried by ticks. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks don’t hibernate in winter and we picked ticks off of dogs brought in for grooming throughout winter. We discovered several cases of subclinical Lymes disease during this past winter. These dogs were asymptomatic but could have started exhibiting the disease at any time.

 We have three types of heartworm preventatives that also prevent intestinal worms. Iverhart Plus and Heartgard Plus are both chewable tablets that work quite well. We also have Revolution, a pour-on medication that helps prevent fleas and ticks as well as heartworms and intestinal parasites.

 Pour on medications seem to work best against fleas and ticks. We have Vectra 3D which will prevent fleas and ticks from biting your pet. Vectra will also protect against Mosquitoes, Biting Flies and Bees. We also have Frontline Gold which works well against fleas and ticks. Revolution is effective against ectoparasites in cats. Nexgard, Bravecto, and Credelio are chewable flea and tick forms that we also have. Credelio is a newer product that kills fleas and the Asian Longhorn Tick , which is one of the more dangerous ticks because the wide variety of diseases it spreads. Call us if you would like additional information on these products.

Take your pet on walks. They are suffering from the cabin fever of a lengthy winter as much as you are. Get out and enjoy the sunshine before the POLLEN Season reaches its PEAK. The Bucks and  Brewers Hishould make the nights interesting, even if the mosquitoes don’t.